Hill Running and Ice Falling

August 27, 2007

Saturday’s Portland Fit run was 13 miles, on that same out-and-back route we took once before, down to the waterfront, up past Duniway park to the start of Terwilliger, then up Terwilliger to Capitol Highway. It’s a moderate long climb (some say it’s more than moderate), I wasn’t feeling that great (allergies? Zoloft withdrawals?), but I still managed to average 8:58 miles. I’m not sure why I ran it hard, but I guess I did, because I was pretty tired and sore for the rest of the day.

The next day, still a little sore, I went ice skating at Lloyd Center: a MiPL event. I think this is the third time in my life I’ve been skating, or possibly the second; in any case, it was the first time since college. Back then, either I didn’t have tight enough skates or I really did have that age-old excuse, “weak ankles”, because I never could keep the skate blades vertical. This time, no problem! So that was fun. I could skate along all right, get up a good head of steam, and turn ok most of the time. I couldn’t really stop. Not quickly anyway. This resulted in a few spectacular falls. The first one involved slamming hard to the ice, and then, on my continued momentum (damn you Newton!), slamming hard into the wall. The MiPL crowd really enjoyed that one. That same lap, I had one of those falls where you kind of lift up into the air and then come down as hard as you can on one ass cheek. Believe it or not, after those two falls, I started skating a little more conservatively.

So after that, I was both sore and bruised, but happy. This evening I did only three miles with the PRC group, but it didn’t feel too awful.