Multnomah Falls to Larch Mountain and back

On Thursday, I hiked as fast as I could up to the top of Larch Mountain from the base of Multomah Falls, then ran back down.   The highways at the base of the falls (it’s accessible from both I-84 and the Historic Columbia Gorge Highway) are at an elevation right around 50 feet. SherrardContinue reading “Multnomah Falls to Larch Mountain and back”

Race Report: 2012 Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon

I’ve been getting back into shape over the last few months, working my way back to 40-mile weeks while focusing on speed instead of distance. (In the past, a 40-mile week was often a 20-mile run on Saturday plus twenty more miles spread across four weekdays; this time around I’m running six or seven daysContinue reading “Race Report: 2012 Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon”

Accomplishment Unlocked: Cross Ross Island Bridge on Foot

Check one more lifetime accomplishment of extremely dubious value off the list: I’ve now run over the Ross Island Bridge. There’s no reason to ever do this, other than to say it’s been done. The bridge run is seven-tenths of a mile on a sidewalk with four lanes of very fast traffic shooting by rightContinue reading “Accomplishment Unlocked: Cross Ross Island Bridge on Foot”


Three very slow miles yesterday, with the running group. It was fine. I could feel a little pressure and numbness in my toe, but nothing alarming, and it felt perfectly fine post-run. As much as I’d like to ramp up my miles immediately, I’ll probably try to stick to alternate days running and resting itContinue reading “Three”

A small problem with my toe

Two days before Christmas, we were almost done unpacking the important stuff after moving to a new place. (For the first time in either of our lives, we’re actually living inside the Portland city limits! But that’s a story for another time.) That’s a ceramic platter we have. It weighs nine pounds.  It fell off aContinue reading “A small problem with my toe”

Of Trail Signs Old and New

In Forest Park, the old classic trail signs, like this: …are slowly being replaced with a new generation of signs, like this: The old ones are made of painted wood, apparently hand-stenciled. They could degrade fairly quickly in our wet conditions, but they must have been pretty inexpensive to replace. To my eye, they hadContinue reading “Of Trail Signs Old and New”

Race Report: 2011 Vancouver USA Marathon

Why are marathons always so early? Who wants to get up at five a.m. for a seven a.m. start time? Well, there’s a good reason for it in the summer months, at least: the later it gets, the hotter it might be. But that wasn’t a problem today — it was fully cloudy with fairlyContinue reading “Race Report: 2011 Vancouver USA Marathon”

Geez, I’m running a marathon tomorrow!

That’s right! Sunday! Sunday! SUNDAY! One day only! Your faithful blogger will be running in the Inaugural Zeroth Annual Vancouver USA 26.2 mile marathon! Starting around seven in the morning Vancouver, Washington time, you can track me live on a little map here. Which will be awesome. I’m not going into this with any fixedContinue reading “Geez, I’m running a marathon tomorrow!”

Not the ideal training schedule

It’s two weeks until my next marathon, the inaugural Vancouver USA Marathon. (Vancouver is in Washington, right across the Columbia River from Portland.) Ideally, then, I would already have been tapering some this weekend. Things have been far from ideal, though: it is only in the last few weeks that I have begun to feelContinue reading “Not the ideal training schedule”

So far barefoot running is working out great for me

I was feeling pretty good last week until Thursday, when I offended the god of running shoes by trying a very short barefoot jog. I have read many stories of injury-prone people finding more success by ditching their shoes, and I thought it was worth a try, as an experiment at least. Could it buildContinue reading “So far barefoot running is working out great for me”

Race Report: 2011 Boston Marathon

I apologize for how late this is; after the marathon, I was on vacation for a while and only had my phone. Composing a full-blown race report by phone was not going to happen. Plus I was really busy overeating and overdrinking. Pre-race Saturday morning we took a fairly early direct flight between Portland andContinue reading “Race Report: 2011 Boston Marathon”

And we’re off… (Bonus Live Tracking)

We’re getting on one of those new-fangled “aeroplane” contraptions tomorrow morning and flying to Boston. I won’t be blogging much, since writing on a phone, even a smart one, is a real chore for me. But! By way of special apology bonus! I offer you: Minute-by-minute live tracking of my position during the race! ThisContinue reading “And we’re off… (Bonus Live Tracking)”

Boston Obsession: Boston Marathon Weather Forecasts — now with more guesses!

Monday, April 18th is now in-range for seven-day forecasts, so I was able to dig up more forecasts. WHDH is the Boston NBC affiliate. Local stations can be a good source for forecasts, since they often have an actual human being involved, rather than just leaving it entirely to some computer model. I’m not sayingContinue reading “Boston Obsession: Boston Marathon Weather Forecasts — now with more guesses!”

Boston Obsession: Boston Marathon Forecast, one-week-to-go edition

Here are today’s forecasts for Boston’s weather on April 18. (Well, Wellesley’s weather, really.) Intellicast (and the Weather Channel): High 54, Low 39. Partly cloudy. 10% chance of rain. Winds 13 mph from the west. Foreca: High 54, Low 37. Partly cloudy. 5% chance of rain all day. Winds 11 mph from the west. Accuweather:Continue reading “Boston Obsession: Boston Marathon Forecast, one-week-to-go edition”

Boston Obsession: Weather Update — the 10-day forecasts are here! The 10-day forecasts are here!

Actually, as I look around the web, there aren’t as many sources making 10-day forecasts as I was expecting. Here are the ones I found for April 18th in Boston though. Actually, I’m looking at the forecasts in Wellesley now instead of the city of Boston. Wellseley is halfway along the marathon course and won’tContinue reading “Boston Obsession: Weather Update — the 10-day forecasts are here! The 10-day forecasts are here!”

Boston Obsession: Weather forecast — 11 days to go

Looks like there is one more day until Monday April 18th starts falling into the “10 day forecast” that most of the weather sites have. (The way I count, that’s 10 days away right now, but I’m not counting today and they are.) So, one last time, we are stuck with just AccuWeather’s eerily randomContinue reading “Boston Obsession: Weather forecast — 11 days to go”

Boston Obsession: AccuWeather is just messing with us now

Yes, it’s another daily spin of AccuWeather’s wheel-of-extended-forecast-fun! What’s today’s weather forecast for Boston on April 18th? High of 50, low of 39, “bit of rain, snow”! That high is a full 21 degrees lower than yesterday’s! I’ll give this to AccuWeather: one of their last four forecasts will probably be pretty close to right.

Boston Obsession: More Marathon Weather Forecasting

Let’s review: On Monday, AccuWeather said it was going to be 46 and sunny in Boston on April 18th. On Tuesday, 55 and rainy. Today? 71 and partly sunny. Well, that’s only a 25 degree swing. I am entirely sure looking at this extended forecast is still totally worthwhile. Yup. PS: 71 would be aContinue reading “Boston Obsession: More Marathon Weather Forecasting”

Eugene Marathon route changes for 2011

I’m not running Eugene this year, but I was interested to note a few route changes from 2010. I love the way Eugene keeps working to improve their course! Here is a PDF of their 2011 route. The changes are: The north-west-south jog just after mile one turns west on 21st instead of 18th. ThisContinue reading “Eugene Marathon route changes for 2011”