Race Report: 2012 Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon

I’ve been getting back into shape over the last few months, working my way back to 40-mile weeks while focusing on speed instead of distance. (In the past, a 40-mile week was often a 20-mile run on Saturday plus twenty more miles spread across four weekdays; this time around I’m running six or seven days […]

Race Report: 2011 Silver Falls Half Marathon

I have a pretty good streak going: I have finished this race every single year it has been held. (This was its second year.) Here’s my report from last year. You will note that I have reused the same scenic picture. Ah, you’ve seen one giant waterfall with little ant-like people running behind it, you’ve seen […]

Race Report: 2009 Portland Marathon

Official results: 3:28:55 (7:59/mile). 747/8091 finishers, 647/3825 men, 127/635 men aged 35-39. Holy sacred guacamole, am I happy to have finished the Portland Marathon this year. And I hit my goal time too! Just finishing, with this runner’s knee of mine, is a huge thrill. That said, this ended up as kind of an ugly […]

Race Report: 2009 Run Portland Run Half Marathon

Hoo boy, was it raining cats and dogs this morning. Actually it seemed like it wouldn’t be too bad, driving downtown, at twenty after six, when it was mostly just drizzling. But shortly after I got to the race start area, it started to pour. Everybody huddled under the tents. Maybe running in that downpour […]

Race Report: 2009 Foot Traffic Flat half marathon

Foot Traffic Flat half official results. I had a great start this morning: backing out of the garage I side-swiped a friend’s car. That‘s the way to start off your race day. (Sweetie thinks the resulting adrenaline helped.) With the wanton destruction portion of the morning done with, I headed for Sauvie Island, a half-hour […]

Race Report: 2009 Eugene Marathon

A lot goes into getting to the marathon starting line. And no, I’m not talking about training. I’m talking about traveling to your destination city, getting enough sleep, waking up on time, arranging transportation, deciding what to wear, dealing with the clothes check, and using the porta-potties. In my case, Sweetie and I drove down […]

Race Report: 2009 Race for the Roses half marathon

The Race for the Roses starts way too early. I got up at 5:30, ate a little, drank some water, and headed downtown to the convention center, arriving around 6:15 to pick up my race packet and do the bag check thing. (The only contents of my checked bag was the stuff in my race […]

Race Report: 2008 Pints to Pasta 10K

The first two miles of this 10K brought back some difficult memories. It started on the long downhill past the Adidas campus on Greeley. That’s the downhill where I burnt my legs out during the Portland Marathon. After the downhill I got to run through the section of near-in North Portland where, back in the […]

Race Report: 2008 Eugene Marathon

So here we go, Eugene Marathon 2008: marathon number two. (Yeah, I ran a 50K too… that was a little more laid back, in its own way, if possibly more terrifying.) The goal: keep running, don’t hit the wall, break four hours. The plan: Run 8:50 miles until at least 23.5 miles in, then keep […]

Race Report: 2008 Race For The Roses half marathon

I got to the convention center around 6am and found some on-street parking two blocks away, then picked up my packet and went back to the car to stash the tee shirt and other race swag. It was 44 degrees and drizzling on and off. I wore shorts, a long-sleeve shirt, and gloves. I had […]

Race Report: 2008 Portland Shamrock Run 15K

I got downtown around 7:30 and parked pretty far from the race start. The weather was a lot colder than last year, but it wasn’t raining. I’d already picked up my bib number and timing chip the day before (the early pickup was a lot more crowded than I had expected, but then 14,000 people […]