Me, me, me

My name is Scott. (Scott Glazer, there, now you can Google me. Or stalk me. I’m the Cornell CS ’92 Scott Glazer, not the dermatologist or bass player.) I’m a 41-year-old guy living in Portland, Oregon. A few years ago I developed a strange new interest in running in the woods. I started this blog while training for my first marathon, in October 2007. I’ve since done four more marathons, three 50K trail races, and a six-hour run. I’ve got my marathon time down from 4:09 to a 3:18 Boston qualifying time and I’m running Boston in April.

A good place to start reading would be my first blog post here, from February 2007, which talks about how I got into running and started feeling much better about life.

To get in touch with me, leave a comment on any of my blog posts, or you can email me by typing in the box below:

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