Knee-Jerk Reactions

As you may recall, my left knee got tight and painful during the Boston marathon. I’ve had this happen before. It didn’t surprise me when it was sore for a couple of days afterwards. And it didn’t surprise me when running more than a few miles made it sore again in the following weeks.

So it was a pleasant surprise yesterday when I ran a full six miles with no pain or tightness. I’m not going to fool myself about being fully recovered. It stiffened up a little during the drive home. I’m still going to take it easy getting back into my regular running routine. There’s still a fair chance I’ll take a pass on running the Vancouver USA Marathon on June 19th. But it was a nice surprise nonetheless.


One Response to Knee-Jerk Reactions

  1. bearrunner says:

    I remember runs following a marathon, they are not pretty… But it’s funny cause you can always tell if you have ran a great race, cause anytime I have, running after a marathon, the runs have been a Pain in the A**…

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