Boston Obsession: Boston Marathon Weather Forecast — five-day forecasts now included

Some sources are predicting things to be a little warmer than they did yesterday and some a little cooler. There’s still almost nobody predicting rain. Winds are still supposed to be from the west or southwest. Runners could hardly ask for better. It’s a little too perfect if you ask me — a vast conspiracy of […]

Boston Obsession: Boston Marathon Weather Forecast getting a little warmer?

All of the Boston Marathon weather forecasts seem to have moved the same way overnight: a little warmer, and maybe a little breezier. Those breezes are still supposed to be from the west or southwest though — tailwinds, in other words. Most of the predicted highs are in the low 60s now, which isn’t too […]

Boston Obsession: Boston Marathon Weather Forecasts — now with more guesses!

Monday, April 18th is now in-range for seven-day forecasts, so I was able to dig up more forecasts. WHDH is the Boston NBC affiliate. Local stations can be a good source for forecasts, since they often have an actual human being involved, rather than just leaving it entirely to some computer model. I’m not saying […]

Training update

I’m deep in the middle of tapering for Boston but haven’t had much in the way of the usual tweaking yet. No mysterious sharp pains, no feeling completely exhausted and out of shape. I guess it’s a good thing. Saturday’s long run was just 12 miles. Almost every step of the way was up or […]

Boston Obsession: Boston Marathon Forecast, one-week-to-go edition

Here are today’s forecasts for Boston’s weather on April 18. (Well, Wellesley’s weather, really.) Intellicast (and the Weather Channel): High 54, Low 39. Partly cloudy. 10% chance of rain. Winds 13 mph from the west. Foreca: High 54, Low 37. Partly cloudy. 5% chance of rain all day. Winds 11 mph from the west. Accuweather: […]

Boston Obsession: Weather Update — the 10-day forecasts are here! The 10-day forecasts are here!

Actually, as I look around the web, there aren’t as many sources making 10-day forecasts as I was expecting. Here are the ones I found for April 18th in Boston though. Actually, I’m looking at the forecasts in Wellesley now instead of the city of Boston. Wellseley is halfway along the marathon course and won’t […]

Boston Obsession: Weather forecast — 11 days to go

Looks like there is one more day until Monday April 18th starts falling into the “10 day forecast” that most of the weather sites have. (The way I count, that’s 10 days away right now, but I’m not counting today and they are.) So, one last time, we are stuck with just AccuWeather’s eerily random […]

Boston Obsession: AccuWeather is just messing with us now

Yes, it’s another daily spin of AccuWeather’s wheel-of-extended-forecast-fun! What’s today’s weather forecast for Boston on April 18th? High of 50, low of 39, “bit of rain, snow”! That high is a full 21 degrees lower than yesterday’s! I’ll give this to AccuWeather: one of their last four forecasts will probably be pretty close to right.

18 on Terwilliger

To make up for the wimpy flatness of last week’s long run, I did my eighteen miles this Saturday up and down the full length of Terwilliger Boulevard. I started just north of Barbur, headed north to downtown, than back to the car and south through Tryon Creek park to Lake Oswego. That got me […]