Eugene Marathon route changes for 2011

I’m not running Eugene this year, but I was interested to note a few route changes from 2010. I love the way Eugene keeps working to improve their course! Here is a PDF of their 2011 route. The changes are: The north-west-south jog just after mile one turns west on 21st instead of 18th. ThisContinue reading “Eugene Marathon route changes for 2011”


I probably should have picked a route with more hills for Saturday’s 22-miler, my longest run during my Boston training cycle, but, well, I didn’t feel like it. Instead I did a clockwise Sellwood-to-Steel-Bridge loop, then an out-and-back along the Springwater trail out to I5. I started off feeling stiff and running slowly, but everyContinue reading “22”

Boston Obsession: The Weather

What’s the weather like in Boston on marathon day, April 18th? WeatherSpark says (for Logan Airport): The temperature typically varies from 44°F to 54°F and is rarely below 37°F or above 67°F. The coolest hours of the day are from 2am to 8am with the coldest at 6am, at which time the temperature is belowContinue reading “Boston Obsession: The Weather”

So how’s that training going anyway?

Yes, in addition to obsessing about every inch of the marathon route (and making dinner reservations for every night we’re spending in Boston) I’ve been continuing to actually, you know, train. This Saturday was a step-down long run for me,  just 15 miles. I didn’t run them fast but it was still a tiring effort.Continue reading “So how’s that training going anyway?”

Boston Obsession: The Route

The official Boston Marathon course map page is lacking a little, offering a slightly-too-small bitmap of the finish area, a text description of the route, and a link to a full course map in PDF form. Right now, the PDF isn’t downloading for me at all, but as I recall, it’s one of those slightlyContinue reading “Boston Obsession: The Route”

Boston Obsession: My Bib Number

Boston has assigned the bib numbers and officially grouped us runners into one of three starting waves. I am number 7604, which means I am have 7504th fastest qualification time in the field, I think, excluding elites. (The numbers begin at 101.) That is still fast enough to put me in the first wave, whichContinue reading “Boston Obsession: My Bib Number”

Boston Obsession: The Newton Hills (including Heartbreak Hill) vs. Portland’s Terwilliger Hill

There’s a good chance that every post for the next month will be about the Boston Marathon. I can feel a full-on obsession coming on. Stretching from miles 15.8 to 20.6 are the Boston Marathon’s Newton Hills, a series of four climbs over five miles, the last one (but not the worst one) being theContinue reading “Boston Obsession: The Newton Hills (including Heartbreak Hill) vs. Portland’s Terwilliger Hill”