Landslide on Wildwood closes trail at milepost 16

Breaking news from the Forest Park Conservancy: A small landslide has taken out a portion of the Wildwood Trail at milepost 16 (just north of the Saltzman Road junction) […] This section of the trail is currently impassible due to the amount of debris on the trail and the adjacent slope angle. Portland Parks &Continue reading “Landslide on Wildwood closes trail at milepost 16”

Race Report: 2011 Operation Jack NW Run (Half Marathon)

This was a six-hour run the day after Christmas. That is, you could run for six hours and see how far you could go. My foot problems meant I wasn’t going to do that… I had decided a week out that I was going to run just a half marathon. My friend Steve organized thisContinue reading “Race Report: 2011 Operation Jack NW Run (Half Marathon)”

Sciatica — lower back stretches might be helping

I’ve suffered from occasional painful but relatively short-lasting bouts of sciatica since 1995 or so. For me, it’s a pain centered on the margin between my lower gluteus and upper leg. It can happen on either side. It causes me to limp severely when walking. Standing up from a seated position can be very painful.Continue reading “Sciatica — lower back stretches might be helping”