2010 Eugene Marathon: Goals and plan

I guess I usually end up posting something about what my goals are before a big race. Here they are for Sunday’s 2010 Eugene Marathon. Goal “A+”: 3:18:00. That would be a 7:33/mile average pace, but I’d get there by running 7:38 for miles 1-22 and finding the power to pick up the pace forContinue reading “2010 Eugene Marathon: Goals and plan”

Eugene Marathon finish area maps

They’ve finally revealed exactly how the finish on the Hayward Field track is going to work. (Full-sized PDF) So we go in through the main gate and run the final turn and straightaway, in the correct direction, to the track’s normal finish line. Well done! Seeing ourselves on the Jumbo-Tron should be surreal. The checked-bagContinue reading “Eugene Marathon finish area maps”

“McKenzie River Tail Run”, or, “I’m a Winner!”

I got through my first race lottery! This year, the McKenzie River Trail Run switched from a first-come-first-served mail-in application system to a lottery. They gave people a week to sign up on-line, then randomly weeded out enough people to get down to their entry limit. On their Facebook page, they said they had toContinue reading ““McKenzie River Tail Run”, or, “I’m a Winner!””

Remember, if you are going faster than seven minutes per mile, you are “running”

I’m sort of pre-tapering this week. My last, and longest, long run before Eugene is this upcoming Saturday, 22-24 miles. But two weeks is a short taper and to make sure I go into it with a head start on recovery, I’m going to run fewer miles during the days before the long one, andContinue reading “Remember, if you are going faster than seven minutes per mile, you are “running””