Five days of running for a total of 26 miles this week, 14 of them on hilly trails. It feels good to be working my way back up to a decent amount of running again. My formula of going back to the old shoes plus doing more trail running plus doing that quad strengthening exercise […]

Drymax vs. Injinji

I’ve seen a lot of blogging ultra-runners and trail runners praise Drymax socks¬†(warning: a video plays when their page loads), so I ordered a few pairs from my favorite online running store (ZombieRunner). Today I managed to get in a 10-mile run on Wildwood Trail (which, sadly, is a long run for me this last […]

Runner’s knee; back to old shoes; hitting the trail a bit

Yes, the knee was still bothering me this week. I did some more digging around on the internet to try to find a diagnosis and treatment that I liked, and I still believe it’s plain old runner’s knee. Here’s the article I’m basing this on. ¬†This paragraph sold me on the diagnosis: Physicians can diagnose […]


Halloween was fun this year. Bride-and-groom zombies. I didn’t do a great job on my makeup, but the hair, teeth, and outfit made up for it. This wasn’t my real wedding outfit, just some cheap stuff we got at Goodwill. I think the shirt, pants, and jacket were all six or seven dollars each. The […]