A running convalescence

On Saturday, I went out for what I hoped would be an eight to ten mile run. The weather forecast called for rain, but it was sunny and mild when I got started, heading north from the Sellwood Bridge along the Willamette. The first few miles, my knee felt fine but I found myself struggling to breathe. It was just one of those days where I felt out of shape.

As I neared downtown after three miles or so, the storm clouds rolled in. I crossed the Hawthorne bridge as the downpour began. The rain would last for the rest of the run. Around the same time, I started feeling the tightness in my knee. I decided to throw in walk breaks to try to keep it from getting too bad. So: it’s pouring down rain, I’m four miles from my car, and I’m walking. I’ve had more fun.

I did eventually make it back, for an 8.3 mile total “run”, one with quite a few walk breaks in the second half. I shouldn’t have tried to go farther than six miles, I think now. Still, my knee felt OK that day and the next. I did get a Sciatica attack in the other leg starting Sunday. I’ve had these things since 1995 or so, long before I ever started running or doing any other form of exercise, and I’ve found that running through it can actually help. So, Monday night, even though I couldn’t walk without a swaying limp, I went out to the group run. The first mile was pretty agonizing, but after that it got better. I went for five miles and only felt my knee complaining for the last half mile or so.


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