Have you ever noticed that running blogs post a lot less when things aren’t going as well?

It’s clear my knee rehabilitation is going to be at least a medium-term project, if not a long one. Monday night I again ran only two miles before deciding I was experiencing too much tightness and discomfort. I’ll try again tonight, and again be ready to stop early.

Waddle On, Friends

“Waddle on, friends” is how John “the Penguin” Bingham always ends his Runner’s World column. He’s the poster child for slower, new-to-running middle aged folks, hence the waddling. I don’t think I waddled through the marathon two days ago, but I’ve certainly been waddling since. My legs are only marginally better than yesterday. At leastContinue reading “Waddle On, Friends”

One day later and I am very sore

I’m unbelievably sore today. My calves are tight and painful too, along with my thighs, even though I didn’t notice anything wrong my calves yesterday. I think my overall condition is as bad as it was after marathon #1. I guess that makes sense… you’re going to suffer more after those marathons in which youContinue reading “One day later and I am very sore”

Race Report: 2009 Portland Marathon

Official results: 3:28:55 (7:59/mile). 747/8091 finishers, 647/3825 men, 127/635 men aged 35-39. Holy sacred guacamole, am I happy to have finished the Portland Marathon this year. And I hit my goal time too! Just finishing, with this runner’s knee of mine, is a huge thrill. That said, this ended up as kind of an uglyContinue reading “Race Report: 2009 Portland Marathon”

Bowpicker Fish and Chips in Astoria, Oregon has the goods

Bowpicker, Astoria, OR. Located across from the Columbia River Maritime Museum, in the converted gillnet boat. Corner of 17th & Duane St. Astoria, OR 97103. This is a food cart in the form of a boat. The boat is on land, but it’s still a real boat. There’s a little set of stairs going upContinue reading “Bowpicker Fish and Chips in Astoria, Oregon has the goods”