Catching Up (and a big announcement)

Oh! Hello. It’s been a while. Catching up… Tuesday Sweetie and I got all dressed up, rounded up the parents, and headed down to the county courthouse to get married. Which went pretty well. This signaled the start of what would prove to be at least four days of serious overeating and drinking. Our honeymoonContinue reading “Catching Up (and a big announcement)”


Waiting for my knee to get better has been frustrating. It doesn’t hurt to walk on it, but sometimes I’ll straighten the leg out a certain way or bend it a certain direction, and it’s still not right. I’ve felt it at both the bottom and top of the kneecap, laterally centered. I was goingContinue reading “Arg”

Race Report: 2009 Run Portland Run Half Marathon

Hoo boy, was it raining cats and dogs this morning. Actually it seemed like it wouldn’t be too bad, driving downtown, at twenty after six, when it was mostly just drizzling. But shortly after I got to the race start area, it started to pour. Everybody huddled under the tents. Maybe running in that downpourContinue reading “Race Report: 2009 Run Portland Run Half Marathon”