Too hot

I ran the usual six miles last night in what I think was the hottest weather yet this year: low to mid 90s, no wind at all, and a bit humid. It was a serious struggle. My legs started out pretty dead feeling. I guess it was delayed soreness and stiffness from Saturday’s 19. After […]


I was glad that the Portland Marathon Clinic‘s free group run this Saturday was on a nice flat route. At 19 miles long, this run was going to create a high-mileage week for me. Last week’s run had been a fairly hilly Forest Park trail run, and Thursday’s workout had been on steep hills as […]

One Mile Race

My plans to do the Goose Run regularly this summer haven’t been off to a good start. Last week, out-of-town guests were arriving just as the run was to start. This week, the regular Goose was on hold for stages one and two of the Red Lizard’s tongue-in-cheek Tour de Goose. Stage one was a […]

Race Report: 2009 Foot Traffic Flat half marathon

Foot Traffic Flat half official results. I had a great start this morning: backing out of the garage I side-swiped a friend’s car. That‘s the way to start off your race day. (Sweetie thinks the resulting adrenaline helped.) With the wanton destruction portion of the morning done with, I headed for Sauvie Island, a half-hour […]