Once a year, like clockwork, I show up at Team Red Lizard’s Goose Run. No, really: the last time I did was exactly a year ago today. I’m telling myself that I’m planning to do it every week this summer, but already those plans are looking a little unglued: Sweetie was going to be taking an evening class on Thursdays but she might be changing her schedule now.

There’s one good thing about doing a particular training run once a year: you really get to see your level of fitness improving! Going up the big hill to Pittock has gone from “I’m going to die, aaaaand ok now I’m walking” (year one) to “I’m going to die, but I’ll die shuffling along in this slow jog” (year two) to this year’s “I’m going to die, but I’m still moving along pretty well here.” I suspect my “hill training” at the Helvetia Half two weeks ago kicked in just in time for this run.

Going up was a workout, but coming down, as always, was so much fun. Long twisty downhills on trail are what got me hooked on running in the first place and I still love it. Lean forward and move your legs as fast as you can. Keep completely focused on the ground ahead of you. Is it dangerous? Would a fall be bad? All part of the fun.


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