New shoes

Most of this week I was still feeling a bit run down from Saturday’s race. Nothing bad, just not-so-fresh legs.

Wednesday I bought new shoes. I haven’t been happy with the Brooks Addictions ever since they changed them up for 2009. I tried on three pairs of motion control shoes: some Nikes,  some Asics, and some Mizunos. As soon as the Asics were laced up I knew they were out: their high, narrow arch squeezed my foot like a vise. The Nikes and the Mizunos both felt much better. The Mizunos had this cut-out area in the sole that gave me a lot of pause, though. I run on trails a lot, and this hole was just going to fill with mud, rocks, and twigs. But when I ran a little in both pairs, there was no doubt: the Mizunos felt natural, while the Nikes felt kind of “squicky” — like they stuck to the ground too long or something. I also felt the Nikes were pushing me too far toward the outside of my feet. I got the Mizunos.

I tested them out with seven miles Wednesday, four Thursday, and sixteen Saturday morning.  So far, I’m very happy with them. I never enjoyed putting on the new-model Brooks; they always felt more like a container than a shoe. These Mizunos feel soft and comfortable, like a glove.


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