Race Report: 2009 Helvetia half marathon

Helvetia half marathon official results are here. I got out to Hillsboro Stadium early — more than an hour before race time — because I knew traffic could be a bit of a pain. Even at that hour there was a long lineup getting off 26 onto Cornelius Pass Road; I bypassed that and tookContinue reading “Race Report: 2009 Helvetia half marathon”

OK, OK, I’m listening. (To my stupid right leg)

Harrumph. Between sciatica and a sore knee, my body (or at least my right leg) is clearly trying to send me a message. I need to back off on the hills and skip any speed workouts this week. Sunday morning a small group of us ran 14 miles out and back on Leif Erikson. IContinue reading “OK, OK, I’m listening. (To my stupid right leg)”