New State

May 29, 2009

Today I made it to Montana on my virtual run across the US.  I just left Wyoming and Yellowstone Park.

I’ve run 2,927 miles.


Four running days in a row

May 27, 2009

I rarely run three days in a row, and hardly ever four. But here it’s happened. After Sunday’s 14, I still went to my usual Monday night group run. Tuesday I decided to do a really slow, hilly three mile “recovery run” from my house (and, bonus, found a new trail through a wooded park).  And today was another regular group run. The recovery run may have worked: my legs have been feeling really good. My only complaint has been some occassional minor pain in my right kneecap. It was at its worst getting started Monday night; yesterday and today it was barely noticeable, and only for a few moments. 7:45/mile average for six miles tonight. That pace was a little bit of a struggle because of the heat: it was in the middle or upper 70s.

Fourteen on Wildwood

May 25, 2009

I’ve been feeling weak and sluggish on hills lately, and no wonder, since I focused almost exclusively on flat training leading up to the Eugene marathon. So late Sunday morning I headed for Forest Park to do a fourteen miler on the Wildwood trail’s rolling hills.

The Forest Park Trail Run had started about three hours earlier, and it turned out that the 50K route was along Wildwood too. For the first half of my out and back (north from the NW 53rd trailhead) the racers were headed the opposite way. When I’d see one coming, I’d step off the trail and cheer him or her on. Watching out for the oncoming runners was actually a nice distraction, and I got to my halfway point pretty quickly.

The big uphills were on the way back. I definitely felt them. Neither my lungs nor my legs are used to it right now. But I kept on jogging and recovered quickly once past the peak. I was able to finish the last couple of miles running hard.

14.14 miles in 2:18:51,  a 9:49 average pace. Anything under 10:00/mile is great for me on those trails.

This week in training

May 22, 2009

lunchrunIt’s been a quiet week, running-wise. I’m over that cold from last week. I ran Wednesday night and today at lunch. Wednesday was a consistent 8:00/mile pace for six flat miles. It felt like a medium effort; I definitely could have finished a lot faster if it were called for. Today I went for 5.4 miles on a somewhat hillier route from work (map at left). I tried to push the uphills and take it easy on the flats and downs. I ended up with a 8:30/mile average pace. I’m going to hit the hills for my long run Sunday.

Recovering from a cold

May 19, 2009

I’ve been fighting a cold since Thursday, so I didn’t run at all this weekend. Luckily for me, it’s still just a few weeks after the marathon, so I can almost succeed in convincing myself that it was actually a good thing to take some time off like that.

Monday evening I did go down to the group run. It was a big crowd. My legs felt terrific and I ran the first mile quite fast… then I started to discover that my lungs weren’t really up to the task. By mile four I was struggling to stay at 8:15/mile. I picked it up a bit for the last mile, though, and managed to finish the run with a 7:50/mile average pace. (That doesn’t count the long rest stop at the water fountain though.)

Quite a step up from the square knot indeed

May 15, 2009

Todd Cranin for the New York Times

I was never a boy scout. From a young age, I have always told people it was because I would not  join a paramilitary organization. The world has a way of ensuring that hyperbole comes true.

(Image: Todd Kranin for the New York Times)

I never got around to posting pictures from the Eugene Marathon

May 13, 2009

I’d better post these before I forget about them.


Mile 19. Way to smile for the camera!


Here's what happens when you try to smile. Clearly Bell's Palsy.


Mile 22.


Finishing. I actually felt blurry.


Still finishing. I was getting tired of finishing at this point. I should hold my head straighter, too.