Oregon’s record-setter

Pop quiz: What Oregonian held the marathon world record for a time during the 1970s? Here’s a hint: nobody’s ever heard of her. Which is a shame. Her name is Caroline Walker, and she was 16 years old in 1970 when she ran the (now defunct) Trail’s End Marathon in Seaside. Her marathon time wasContinue reading “Oregon’s record-setter”

Eugene Marathon Followup

I call your attention to a race report from Mark Davidhizar of Wakarusa, IN, interesting because he ran a 3:38:16… exactly as I did. I also call your attention to Portland’s runner/blogger Heather Daniel, fourth overall woman. Her race report is detailed and epic and made me wince in pain. Someone else noticed that theContinue reading “Eugene Marathon Followup”

Race Report: 2009 Eugene Marathon

A lot goes into getting to the marathon starting line. And no, I’m not talking about training. I’m talking about traveling to your destination city, getting enough sleep, waking up on time, arranging transportation, deciding what to wear, dealing with the clothes check, and using the porta-potties. In my case, Sweetie and I drove downContinue reading “Race Report: 2009 Eugene Marathon”