Leif Erikson Drive Map and Elevation Profile

Saturday morning I ran up and down the entire length of Leif Erikson drive for the first time. Leif Erikson (sometimes spelled Leif Erickson instead) is an 11 mile dirt and gravel road, closed to cars but open to bicycles, that winds through the lower slopes of Forest Park. Here’s an approximate elevation profile; mileContinue reading “Leif Erikson Drive Map and Elevation Profile”

SW Portland Urban trails

You’ve probably seen the sign shown here once in a while driving around Southwest Portland. These sporadically direct you onto the network of Southwest Urban Trails. There are, I think, six of them, numbered one through seven and skipping number two. I have no idea what happened to number two. The “trails” themselves are mostlyContinue reading “SW Portland Urban trails”

Twenty miler… oh, right, those can be hard

The last time I ran more than 18 miles was the Eugene Marathon, eight months ago in early May. Eight months! No wonder I’d forgotten what a difference there can be between running 18 miles and running 20.  That difference has a common name, of course. Sigh, “The Wall”. My route was the Sellwood –Continue reading “Twenty miler… oh, right, those can be hard”