Thirteen miles and testing out Sealskinz socks

The five and a half miles on Portland’s 30 mile long Wildwood Trail are far and away the most interesting. After that, most of looks about the same. For better of worth, the interesting segment is also where all the really big hills are. The climb up to Pittock mansion from either side is a real bear, and there are some other nasty bits too, like running up in either direction from the “stone house” (really a long-abandoned public restroom) at mile 5.5, or the steep switchbacks getting up to Fairview road from the south.

I bring this up because my 13-miler today was an out and back on Wildwood, starting from Milepost zero near the zoo. It went pretty well, really, but the hills were hard. Well, what else is new?

I also got my Sealskinz waterproof socks delivered just in time for this run (and some Injinji liner socks to go with them) so I got to test them out. It wasn’t very wet or muddy out there, so I had to make do with running through the handful of puddles that presented themselves. So far, so good: the Sealskinz lived up to their claims and kept all the water out. The white liner socks remained perfectly white. That’s the easy part, of course: the tricky bit with that sort of sock technology is making it breatheable. If your feet get completely soaked from sweat, that has nowhere to go, that’s trouble too. They didn’t fare too badly there, either. By the end of the run, my feet were mildly damp, but not sopping wet. My final worry with these socks was blistering or chafing. I didn’t form any blisters in 13 miles, but I also didn’t feel like there wasn’t anything to worry about. I could feel my foot slipping around more than usual, or at least differently than usual, and I kind of sort of maybe felt like some hot spots might be on the verge of forming. Or maybe my feet were just warm. I’m not sure.

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I live in Portland, Oregon. I was born in 1970.

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