Trail Running Thoughts

I ran 11 miles in Forest Park Saturday morning, 5.5 out and back from Lower Macleay Park and northward on Wildwood. That route starts with a lot of uphill. I always wonder if it’s better to start uphill or finish uphill. It’s probably better to warm up your legs on an uphill before pounding them on a down, but getting started going up does seem hard, slow and cruel. The ideal training run might start and finish uphill, with downhills in between.

I’m thinking of signing up for the Hagg Lake 50K again this year, but I’m still on the fence a little. I should have no problem training up by February 21st, but what if my foot goes bad again? But if I wait to sign up, will I be as motivated to train? Anyway. Fun fact: Hagg Lake race co-director Stacey Bunton came in as second woman in this year’s Spartathalon. (A 153 mile race they have over in Greece.)

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I live in Portland, Oregon. I was born in 1970.

One thought on “Trail Running Thoughts

  1. I prefer to get my hills in the middle. I was living in Portland and used to run Forest Park. Don’t remember the trail names, but I’d start on the flat road for a couple miles, then jump up one of the steep hills to the top of the ridge and run that back, finishing with a downhill.

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