Where did I go?

October 31, 2008

Bad Scott! No blogging, no running, and no push ups this week! Well, I have been sick. I was feeling it Monday but I hoped a nice run would snap me out of it… ’twas not to be. Instead, I stayed home from work with a nasty cold Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m feeling a bit better now though.

On the plus side this week:

  • I’m over 1000 miles for the calendar year
  • My right foot feels fabulous and my left foot feels pretty good
  • We’ve finished getting the exterior of the house painted, the moss cleaned off the roof, and other miscellaneous repairs done to the exterior
  • I’m ready for a better week of workouts next week


October 27, 2008

I may have worn myself out this weekend, or more likely I have a cold. After playing broomball Friday night, running ten miles on Leif Erikson Saturday morning, and doing volunteer road cleanup along Newberry Road Sunday morning, I was spent, beat, wiped out, ready to crawl under the covers and stay there. I still feel that way this morning, but I guess I’ll probably manage to make it out for at least a little running tonight.

The ten miler wasn’t that bad. Eight and a half of it was on Leif itself, and another mile and a half up and down Thurman from where I parked. Coming back down, starting around mile marker 1.5 on the trail, there’s a long significant downhill, and after a while on it, I got a tightness and soreness in my abdominal core area, and a feeling my organs were just bouncing around. I’ve had this happen before on long aggressive downhills — something to work on.

Right foot’s still good. Left foot’s ok but not great. Definitely felt it during the road cleanup.

Thursday run from the house

October 24, 2008

I used to run from my house a lot more than I do lately, for a variety of reasons. For one thing, I’ve only been running three days a week, usually joining the group at PRC on Mondays and Wednesdays and then driving somewhere for a nicer long run on Saturdays. For another, I used to do a lot more short runs (like around three miles), and driving somewhere to run that distance would just be silly, so I ran from home a lot. Also, lately, I’ve been trying to avoid hills to help my plantar fasciitis, and the neighborhood is hilly in most direction. Finally, it has to be admitted that running around my neighborhood isn’t that great… no sidewalks, no bike paths, hills everywhere, and your constrained by some busy streets and intersections that just aren’t worth the trouble to cross.

Two of those excuses went by the wayside last night. I skipped Wednesday’s run and had to make up for it on Thursday. And I’m going to start easing back into my pre-plantar fasciitis routines, since it’s been about two weeks now with no pain. (Yay!) So I ran six miles on side roads near Taylor’s Ferry, mostly uphill on the way out and downhill on the way back, finishing up with a trip up “The Hill”, the really steep incline a few blocks away from my house. I didn’t check what kind of pace I was running.

Almost to 1000

October 23, 2008

I’ve run 987.7 miles so far this calendar year. Last year, my first year of running, I didn’t quite make it to 1000, so I’m looking forward to reaching that milestone. Pointless obsession over meaningless numbers? Sure.

Race Report: 2008 Run Like Hell 5K

October 19, 2008

The start for the 5K this morning was a pretty late 8:45am, so I could sleep in a little and take my time eating breakfast. (The usual Kashi Go Lean Crunch with soy milk.) I knew the 10K and half marathon would already be underway, so I wanted to avoid parking on the west side where I might get entangled with runners. Instead I parked off Water street, near the east side of the Hawthorne bridge, and jogged over to the start. I wanted to warm up for about a mile anyway, and that worked perfectly. Of course, I still got there with 15 or 20 minutes left, which meant my warm-up was a little premature. I hopped around as best I could in the crowd to stay loose and said hi to a few people I know.

It was cold and damp in Portland this morning — mid 40s and foggy. I wore shorts and two tech tees, a short sleeve over a long sleeve. I also ran with a black mask on, since the Run Like Hell encourages costumes. The best costumes I saw were a group doing the 10K where most of them were dressed as disco dancers and one was dressed as a disco ball. There were also three ladies in pretty elaborate cupcake costumes, but I have to give them some points off because they weren’t running in them — I saw them walking in the 5K, some of the last people out there. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with walking! I just would have liked to see some speed demons in cupcake costumes.

The start was really cramped and I didn’t manage to get as close to the front as I had been hoping to, so I had to jump up on sidewalks and dodge and weave (all made more dangerous by my vision-impairing mask) for the fist few downhill blocks. I got ahead of the bulk of the crowd pretty quickly though and so the congestion didn’t really prove to be an issue.

The route was downhill for 0.4 miles, flat for 2.3, and back up the same hill for 0.4. If I was going to take advantage of the downhill, it meant I couldn’t start out conservatively. Still, it was a little alarming to look at my watch about a third of a mile in and see I was on a 5:55/mile pace or so. That tailed off quickly as we hit the flats and I hit my aerobic limits, but mile one still came in at 6:39. With the downhill, I guess that wasn’t too far off the mark if I wanted to hit my seven-minutes-a-mile average goal. I also secretly hoped that, as in past races, I’d keep up the same way-too-fast pace the rest of the way through.

I think those secret hopes lasted about fifteen seconds.

For the remaining two miles, I was hanging on for dear life. During mile two, on those occasions when I could spare the energy to look at my watch, it usually said I was on a 7:15 pace or so for the mile so far. I’d try to pick it up a bit, check again a little later, and it would barely have gone down. Breathing really hard, struggling mightily, getting passed now and again, I finished mile two in 7:11.

Mile three was more of the same, and then we turned right for the slog up the hill. It was just eight blocks or so, but it was brutal. I just counted steps to myself. “One two three for five. One two three four five.” Don’t think. Focus on the horizon. Just keep moving forward at whatever speed you can. Mile three took me 7:19, and the last 0.12 miles another 43 seconds.

Total time (unofficial): 21:51. (7:02/mile)

I skipped the beer and chicken wings they had for finishers. Maybe I didn’t feel up to them or maybe I didn’t feel a 5K run earned them. I had some water, recovered a bit, and went for a five mile “cool-down” run back to the car.

Update: Official results — 21:51 (7:02/mile). 46/750 overall. 38/244 men. 5/31 men aged 35-39.

McCain lookin’ SMOOOTHE

October 16, 2008

This image really sums up the US presidential campaign.

"US Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain (R-AZ) reacts to almost heading the wrong way off the stage"

US Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain (R-AZ) reacts to almost heading the wrong way off the stage

Wednesday Run

October 16, 2008

I ran 5.6 miles last night on the new winter route, starting out a bit slower and picking it up as it went on. That might have someting to do with all the uphills toward the start or all the downhills after. Or with the idea that I wanted to take it easy, but nobody was really running my speed, and I felt bad holding the guy I was running with back. In any case, I think it was about an 8:15 average, with 8:30s toward the start and 8:00s toward the end. I felt good.

And my foot still doesn’t hurt.