Race Report: 2008 Run Like Hell 5K

The start for the 5K this morning was a pretty late 8:45am, so I could sleep in a little and take my time eating breakfast. (The usual Kashi Go Lean Crunch with soy milk.) I knew the 10K and half marathon would already be underway, so I wanted to avoid parking on the west sideContinue reading “Race Report: 2008 Run Like Hell 5K”

Eugene Marathon 2009

I was in Eugene this weekend to visit my Mom. Coincidentally I saw on the Run Oregon blog that the Eugene Running Company was sponsoring some marathon kick-off event on Sunday.  One where you could sign up for the marathon for 15% less than the already-expired early-bird rate. My mom gasped when she went withContinue reading “Eugene Marathon 2009”

Another six months, another state

Longtime readers with exceptional memories may recall that I track my mileage on the http://exercise.lbl.gov site, which doesn’t have much going for it other than that it shows you a picture of where you are on a virtual transcontinental run (or walk, or bike). I’m 1,917.4 miles in from the start point in Yorktown, Virgina,Continue reading “Another six months, another state”

Why does running slowly hurt much worse than running fast?

It’s the strangest thing. If I run at a decent pace or harder, I come out of it feeling good. As long as I hit 8:30s or so, my foot, ankle, and legs all feel pretty loose and happy after the run, and a day or two later. But if I run nice and slowContinue reading “Why does running slowly hurt much worse than running fast?”