My name is Scott and I have plantar fasciitis

Admitting that my struggles with a chronic injury have gotten to (or past) the point where I really need to do something about it is hard. I feel like an alcoholic, hiding my condition from the world as I go on bender after bender, week after week. No longer: I clearly have plantar fasciitis in my right foot, it’s not getting better on its own, and I need to address it. If that means I reduce or quit running for a while, so be it. If that means I withdraw from the McKenzie River Trail Run, I’ll have to grin and bear it. (Note to self: if I withdraw before July 31st, I get a partial refund.)

This started sometime during my training for the Eugene marathon. I’d wake up with some heel or arch pain that would go away pretty quickly. A while later, I started feeling it after long periods sitting at my desk, too. In May, I was running a lot less but walking a lot more and I continued to feel it, and more often during the day as well. This was never a severe pain at all. Just a little thing. Exactly the sort of pain that fools you into thinking you don’t need to do anything about it. Especially because it goes away while running.

As I ramped up my mileage after getting back from Europe, I kept feeling it. In the last month, it’s changed, too, from a painful sensation to a burning one. It’s become a little more localized too, maybe. It’s on the inside edge of the bottom of my right foot, where the heel meets the arch. At virtually the same time that it turned from painful to burning, I started feeling it pretty much all day, whenever I would walk.

That’s where it stands now. It’s still a mild sensation, not debilitating in any way… yet. But it’s getting worse and worse and I need to do something. My first order of business: for two weeks, reduce my mileage by 50% or so, stick to flat courses, ice my foot a lot, and take two ibuprofen a day. If I don’t see improvement after that, I’ll see a doctor.


3 Responses to My name is Scott and I have plantar fasciitis

  1. kristina says:

    hi there. i just came xcross your blog when i was googling “how many miles is 25k?” cuz i just couldn’t remember. anyway, just wanted to say your pictures from the eugene marathon made me giggle. nice to see some1 else’s pain, i guess. but, i liked ur humor. i ran with portland fit last year and i did the portland marathon last year and was not a huuuuuge fan of the pictures i saw of myself. :)
    sorry to hear about ur foot pain. hope that gets better!

  2. Katrina says:

    Hey Scott–

    Man, you gotta get ASTYM. It’s a physical therapy treatment that works. I had PF so bad I’d scream when my foot hit the floor in the morning, and I was training for the Portland Marathon at the time–no WAY was I going to stop running. Anyway my physical therapist suggested ASTYM for the plantar fasciitis, and I was like, okay–as long as I can keep running.

    It’s a really effective treatment. It’s, ah, intense, because it’ll hurt the first couple of treatments, but by the third treatment it won’t hurt too much. You’ll be able to keep running (low miles, but still) and you’ll get better and your PF will go away. Mine did, and a lot of other runners I know over here in Bend have had ASTYM and been helped by it a lot.

    If you go to the ASTYM website,, you can see all about it. Oh, and if you get a prescription from your doc, your insurance will cover it. I just went to mine and asked, and she gave it to me, no problem.

    Good luck!


  3. Topher says:

    Hi Scott,
    Found your blog by Googling “plantar fasciitis”. I’ve got exactly what you describe, except in the left foot. Had it off and on for about two months. At the moment, I can’t get the ASTYM site to pull up, but I’m considering going to an ART (active release therapy) session with a chiropractor. I’m training for my first marathon in October.

    Good luck getting better.

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