Saturday’s Run

Went as planned. I ran in a new pair of Salomons, my first pair of bona-fide trail shoes. They seemed to work out pretty well; I was nervous because, like almost all trail shoes, they aren’t built to provide motion control against my over-pronation. Why not? The theory is that every footfall on a trail is a bit different anyway, so you don’t need the kind of protection against repetitive-motion stresses that stability footwear provides. Or so I’ve read. I’m not sure though… groomed trails offer plenty of similar footfalls, if you ask me. Then again, I’m beginning to wonder if maybe my very supportive motion control road shoes might be harming me more than helping. During my month in Europe, I didn’t run that much. But my right foot remained a little sore. Could it have been because I also walked a lot, in the same pair of motion-control shoes?

Anyway. The run was 15 miles in Forest Park, five of them on the (relatively) flat Leif Erikson and ten on other, usually more hilly, trails. For two or three miles of it I ran with someone I met out on the trail, but eventually I had to let him go: too fast. He pulled me along at a rapid clip while it lasted, though, and the whole exercise penciled out to be easily my fastest run to date on those trails: 15 miles in 2:18, for an average pace of around 9:15/mile.


2 Responses to Saturday’s Run

  1. Jeff says:

    I’m just curious about what salomons you have? I have the speedcross 2’s and XT wings, both say pronation control on them.

  2. Scott says:

    XA Comp 3’s, I think. Looking at the Salomon web site, it says they are indeed supposed to provide pronation control. I guess that’s a good thing… I’m thinking they can’t have the same level of motion control that the next-step-down-from-an-orthotic Brooks Addictions that I usually run in do, though.

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