Feeling a bit rough

June 29, 2008

I’ve been feeling wiped out this weekend. I guess it started before Saturday morning’s run, probably Friday night, when I had trouble getting to sleep. But it was going to be in the high 90s that day, so I couldn’t really sleep in: I needed to get the run in while the morning was still cool. Cooler, anyway. It was still in the high sixties or low seventies, hotter than I like it.

The run itself was 18 miles, up and down Leif Erikson. It took me 2:54:30, so that’s an average pace of 9:42/mile… a pace I’m happy with over that distance on that terrain. It was an unremarkable training run, really. Maybe I felt a bit more out of breath by the end than I should have, and maybe my foot bothered me a little more than it usually does, but all in all, no problem.

I came home, ate, and napped for a long while, like I had planned to ever since I had trouble getting to sleep. When I woke up, I felt dragged-out, tired, and sore all over, and that kept up the rest of the weekend.  Maybe I’m a little under the weather, maybe I’m having a couple bad days… don’t know. I’ll try to take it easier this week and hope my body recovers some.



June 27, 2008

I scrambled to Goose Hollow yesterday after work to barely make it in time for the Red Lizards’ Thursday night “Goose” run, which goes from 19th and Madison through Washington Park and up to Pittock Mansion.

The last time I showed up for this run was more than a year ago. (So much for what I said then: “I’m going to start keeping my Thursday evenings free for The Goose“!) Stronger now, and very familiar with the hills in that area, I was able to keep to a run or jog the whole way… but it was still a challenge. An “oh god is it over yet can I stop to breathe yet?” kind of challenge. Downhill, of course, was more fun. I’ll just give my average pace for the seven miles: 9:45.

Nearby Wildfires Prompt Cancellation Of Western States 100

June 26, 2008

Wow. America’s best-known hundred mile trail race is off for 2008.

It is with deep regret that we announce today that the 35th running of the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run has been cancelled, due to the unprecedented amount of wildfires that have struck northern California in recent days and the health risks that have been associated with these wildfires. The Board of Trustees of the Western States Endurance Run has consulted with many of our local and state race partners, including the U.S. Forest Service and the Placer County Air Pollution Control District, in coming to this decision. We apologize to our runners for any inconvenience this decision has created.

The race’s organizers are currently working on a revised schedule of runner activities for Thursday and Friday in Squaw Valley, and these details will be made available soon. Although there will be no race for the first time in our 35-year history, we still wish to make this experience as meaningful as possible for our runners. Activities will include annual events such as runner check-in for goodie bag pickup on Friday morning, the pre-race briefing and raffle on Friday afternoon, the showing of Western States documentaries on Friday night, and a special gathering of runners commemorating the race’s start on Saturday.

Monday Run

June 24, 2008

The Monday-night group run at the Beaverton branch of the Portland Running Company is a great bunch of people, but lately it seems everybody there runs too fast (7:30s) or too slow (9:30s) for me. Well, some days I want to run 9:30s, true, but more often I’d rather be between eight and nine minutes a mile. Yesterday the one other guy who sometimes likes to run in that range showed up, and so we ran together, me pushing his pace pretty hard. He’s a newer runner, but he’s got a good streak of crazy in him — he’s already done a 50K trail race for instance.  He hung in there well and we ended up averaging 8:11 over six miles, with the first mile-and-a-half at 7:50/mile and the last mile at 7:45. I felt good and I could have gone a bit faster. My scabbed-up knee (from Saturday’s fall) didn’t bother me too much either.

Have a nice fall

June 22, 2008

Around mile six of Saturday’s fourteen hilly trail miles, I tripped on an invisible rock and went down hard. The fall went pretty well; I briefly touched with my hands then rolled onto my shoulder. As it turned out, I was fine, but had a nice scrape on my knee. All the dirt and blood made the rest of the run more fun.

I ran the fourteen miles (from the Zoo to mile seven of Wildwood and back) in 2:35:02, which means I only averaged 11 minutes a mile or so. Although that needs to be adjusted down a little: I spent five or ten minutes, clock running, staunching a bloody nose, and another five minutes or so helping some people figure out how to get to Pittock Mansion from the arboretum. So it might be closer to 10 minutes a mile. Either way, those hills in there are tough. I’m happy enough that I didn’t have to stop to walk up any of them.

Ups and Downs

June 20, 2008

My Wednesday evening run felt slow and bad, so I decided to take both Thursday and Friday off — though I did do day two of the hundred push ups training program, which I read about on Get Fit Slowly. I did enough push ups in my “initial test” that I’m over in the third column of the training schedule, which means more push ups. My arms and chest are a little sore; I suppose that’s a good thing.

Tomorrow I’m running 14 miles on Wildwood, a seven-mile out and back starting at mile zero near the zoo. This will take me twice up and down the two longest hills on the trail, the one Pittock Mansion is on and the one on the northwest side of Balch creek.

More track work

June 17, 2008

I had another easy Monday night run, so once more I headed down to the Jackson Middle School track for some intervals. Tonight it was four repeats of 1600 meters each. (1600 meters is 0.994 miles.) I didn’t push it as hard as last week, but it was still grueling, especially after the sweat started getting into my eyes; now why did I forget to wear a cap?

4×1600: 7:39 7:31 7:32 7:18 (7:30 average)