Interstate Training

I had a pretty good 16-mile training run Saturday morning. The weather sucked (a little sleet and some ferocious winds on the Columbia), my legs hurt, and I had some problems with the fanny pack I was using (I somehow got it turned with the wrong side facing me for a number of miles, believe it or not… my lower back still looks rug-burned from it), but other that that it was a good run. It was my first interstate run, starting in Vancouver, Washington, then going across the I-205 bridge into Portland, then back.


There’s a bike path in the center of the 205 bridge, which of course is loud, windy, and isolated. Kind of a unique experience though. As you can see, the bridge is about two miles long. The bulk of it runs uphill to the north; I’d say there’s about a one mile section with a moderately steep, perfectly consistent grade. A little like running on a treadmill :-( Better scenery :-) Even noisier, though :-( During the forty minutes I was on the bridge, I didn’t see another runner or any bikers.

For once I wasn’t staring at my GPS every minute to see how fast I was going. I still managed to hit the kind of training pace I was looking for though, which was nice. I averaged 9:20/mile, with faster miles toward the end.


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