A pace calculator for running with walk breaks

It’s called “Gallowalking” sometimes, since Jeff Galloway popularized the notion that you can achieve your best marathon performance with scheduled walk breaks. A lot of people don’t believe it. I don’t have a strong opinion. But I was curious about the math: if I walk a minute for every five minutes of running, how fast do I have to run to maintain a desired average pace? I dusted off my high-school algebra and got to work determining the formula, then I dusted off some more stuff like HTML forms and Javascript and put it online. You enter your walking pace, your desired pace, how many minutes you want to run, and how many you want to walk, and it tells you what running pace you need.

Link to the calculator.

(Updated 2/8/2010 with a new link — the old location was no longer allowing javascript.)


3 Responses to A pace calculator for running with walk breaks

  1. ken says:

    Love the walk/run calc…how about a slight mod to add in estimated transition/check point times?

  2. […] löpning och gång som blivit en sorglig verklighet i slutet av många långlopp. Regelrätt “gallowalking” med regelbundna korta gångavsnitt jämnt fördelade under hela löpningen, så som Amby […]

  3. mommyrunsit says:

    I know this is an old post, but I just stumbled across it and wanted to say thanks. The calculator is exactly what I was looking for. :)

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