Dessert, Caffeine

OK, I’ve been eating way the hell too much dessert the last week or two. I admit it. But let me just say, we went to Papa Haydn after a meat-and-potatoes (and onion-ring) dinner at Ringside on Thursday, and it. was. so. good.  I know, it’s sad I’ve never been there before. Well, there it is. The only problem? About halfway through dessert, I realized that I was stuffed, and I wasn’t quite sure I meant it figuratively: it felt like my stomach was full and the food was starting to creep well up the ol’ esophagus. Ah well. The sacrifices we make.

At least I had decaf coffee.

Actually, staying away from caffeine hasn’t been that hard. The worst challenge was Sunday night, at a Chinese restaurant. I love inhaling little cup after little cup of hot tea at Chinese restaurants! My mom was cruel, too, making a big deal about how good the tea was! Fie on her!


2 Responses to Dessert, Caffeine

  1. Doesn’t “decaf coffee” have a plentiful amount of caffeine in it?

  2. Scott says:

    Michael: No. A regular cup of coffee has 80-175 mg caffeine; decaf? 2-4 mg. In fact, hot cocoa has 14 mg, an order of magnitude more. Source:

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