Recovery Post — you know, just to get the fingers loosened up?

I skipped running Tuesday (the shame, the shame)  so made up for it by doing a rare Wednesday run. The Beaverton location of the Portland Running Company actually has a Wednesday evening group in addition to the Monday one I usually run with, so I headed down there and ran six miles with three other regulars. It felt all right, but I’m still having some calf stiffness. This morning I decided to do a little recovery jog — that’s where your goal is just to get the blood flowing and the muscles loosened up — around the neighborhood, 1.3 miles. That actually felt pretty good. Saturday we’re doing a 13-miler up Terwilliger and back, so I want to take it nice and easy for the rest of the day today, and tomorrow.

So I got M into training seriously by betting him $50 that I would beat him in the Albany “Eat and Run”, a 5K he does every year.  Today, inexplicably, was the first time I checked the date of that race against my over-full calendar. Wouldn’t you know it. That same day we’re doing our last long run, a 21-miler that I hope to stretch to 22. Then there’s a three week taper, then the actual marathon. Even putting aside the fact that I’d like to run the long run with the group (hey, they have aid stations, with pretzels), there didn’t seem to be any way to reschedule the long run without seriously compromising my marathon. Doing both the race and the long run the same weekend sounds like a disaster, doing the long run the next weekend would cut my three-week taper down to two, and doing it the previous week probably wouldn’t be so great either — plus that weekend was pretty busy already. So. I feel just awful about it, but I’m backing out of the race. If M gets a time that I know I couldn’t beat (and it’s looking like he should), then I’ll pay up… otherwise we’ll have to figure something else out. If he thinks it’s fair that I pay the wager in any case, I’ll do that.

What else? Last night after running I stopped at Sears and bought a new vacuum cleaner. My old 14-year-old one finally broke down on me — not that it was working well anyway. The new one is quieter, sucks harder (in, you know, a good way), is easier to push,  and doesn’t make a burnt-rubber smell when running. (I know, I know: I needed a new belt. Life’s too short.)

I’m down to 1/8 my original dose of the Zoloft, and I think I’m beginning to see some withdrawal symptoms. Or one symptom — drowsiness and fatigue. It’s supposed to last a few weeks, and can probably be finessed by slipping in the occasional larger dosage, so it’s not a big deal. So far, I’m not noticing any increased anxiety or worrying. :-D


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