Hill Running and Ice Falling

Saturday’s Portland Fit run was 13 miles, on that same out-and-back route we took once before, down to the waterfront, up past Duniway park to the start of Terwilliger, then up Terwilliger to Capitol Highway. It’s a moderate long climb (some say it’s more than moderate), I wasn’t feeling that great (allergies? Zoloft withdrawals?), butContinue reading “Hill Running and Ice Falling”

Recovery Post — you know, just to get the fingers loosened up?

I skipped running Tuesday (the shame, the shame)  so made up for it by doing a rare Wednesday run. The Beaverton location of the Portland Running Company actually has a Wednesday evening group in addition to the Monday one I usually run with, so I headed down there and ran six miles with three otherContinue reading “Recovery Post — you know, just to get the fingers loosened up?”

Pok Pok and Rimsky’s

For our four-week anniversary, I took Sweetie to Pok Pok, a Thai restaurant. But calling it a “Thai restaurant” isn’t descriptive: you probably think Thai means four different curries with your choice of chicken, shrimp, pork, beef, or tofu, plus Pad Thai, and, if you’re lucky, a decent Tom Yum soup, right? Right. Pok PokContinue reading “Pok Pok and Rimsky’s”

I used my ice cream maker twice in two days

So, even though I read Unclutterer and am therefore required by doctrine to hate large, rarely used counter-top appliances, I do own and love an enormous shiny stainless-steal beast of an Italian-made ice cream maker, the Musso Lussino 4080. Despite its enormous size, it only makes a quart-and-a-half of ice cream or so, but itContinue reading “I used my ice cream maker twice in two days”

Yesterday and Tomorrow

Three miles last night. I started running from the Barbur Transit center, over the I-5 pedestrian bridge they have there, and quickly found myself on roads I’ve never seen before. And, all turned around directionally — consulting the map later, I see that I-5 is actually east-west, not north-south there like my mental model hadContinue reading “Yesterday and Tomorrow”

No real surprise, I suppose

Shock of shocks, my legs are sore and tired the day after after a 20-mile run! The Portland Fit schedule has us running only Tuesday and Thursday this week, and I’m not going to be stubborn: no Monday-night group run for me. Rather, I’ll do some light yardwork or housecleaning — I’m cohosting a MiPLContinue reading “No real surprise, I suppose”

New in my life

About three weeks ago, I started seeing a wonderful woman, whom I’ll call “Sweetie”.  Sweetie and I connected pretty strongly, pretty fast, and I started doing things like hiding my profile and canceling my subscription on match.com. (And, no, I didn’t meet her on Match, we were both in MeetIn.)

Maybe I just have too much blood

I saw my doctor today and my blood pressure turned out to still be high: 140/90 or so. Both the diastolic and systolic should be less than that. So, I’m a slender non-smoking heavily-exercising moderate-drinking 37-year-old man, and I’m still pushing my blood around too hard. What’s it going to take: less salt? (No pleaseContinue reading “Maybe I just have too much blood”