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July 31, 2007

Oh dear, another meme tag from Zee.  Must… obey…

4 things that should go into room 101 and be removed from the face of the earth:

– The Himalayan Blackberry, Rubus armeniacus
– Diet soda
– Jay Leno
– Misery

3 things people do that make you want to shake them violently:

– Lie
– Not consider future consequences
– Put ketchup on hot dogs or mayo on hamburgers
2 things you find yourself moaning about:

– How computer generated special effects have ruined movies
– How people still go into Starbucks even when there are other lovely independent coffee shops on the same block

1 thing the above answers tell you about yourself:
– I’m less of a moaner than I used to be

Link to the original meme at so people know what it’s all about!
Be as honest as possible; this is about letting people get to know the real you!
Try not to insult anyone – unless they really deserve it or are very, very ugly!
Post these rules at the end of every meme!


How to get sore in just three easy steps

July 31, 2007
  1. Run your Saturday-morning 13-miler fast, because you have something to do right after.
  2. Participate in a sack race,  dodgeball, and  volleyball on Sunday, at the (practice) MiPL Olympics.
  3. To kick off your six-mile Monday night run, on a warm evening, try to keep up with a guy who can run twice as fast and at least ten times as far as you at a stretch. Struggle to just finish, after that first mile-and-a-half.

Today, then, I ran a snail-slow three-mile recovery jog to Fred Meyer and back. About a 12 minute per mile pace. It didn’t feel great, but I made it through OK.


July 30, 2007

Ok, Ok, you’ve seen it: this blog has been slowing down. Which is a shame. I enjoy the process of blogging, I like having a journal to look back on, I like talking about my running, and I like not feeling like a blog-slacker. One excuse I have is that I’ve been very busy with the kind of stuff that falls outside the purview of this blog. Good stuff, don’t worry.

Anyway. Saturday morning bright and early we had a 13-mile run. I had to be somewhere by 10:00, so I wanted to get done sort of quickly. We started at NW 21st and Raleigh, as always, then headed for the waterfront, then south to RiverPlace, then up to 4th, across to Duniway Park and around the park to Terwilliger. We ran all the way up Terwilliger, past the Chart House restaurant and to Capitol Highway, before turning around to finish up the out-and-back. I was in the lead handful of yellow runners, and we all commiserated a bit on the long uphills. Coming back was a lot more fun.

I did get my very first muscle cramp while running. It was in my thigh, and was very brief and very mild. So, not a big deal, but maybe a sign of things to come? Naaaah….

I’m still alive

July 24, 2007

On Saturday, our Portland Fit run was “just ten miles”. It’s an important milestone in any beginner’s marathon training program when you get to say that. “Oh, ten miles, pshaw!”

The route was an out-and-back up Thurman and Leif Erikson. So the first five miles were all uphill. Without winding myself, I still managed to do them at a pace a little under 10 minutes/mile. Progress! I am still getting faster and there is still some hope for a four hour marathon in October. I clocked a 7:12 mile on the fastest part coming back down, again trying not to wind myself. (Though I probably did, a little.) My legs never felt that great,  the whole time.

After that, I went home and napped, because I knew I had a long day ahead of me. Around two, I drove down to Eugene, arriving around four at a park on the Willamette where an old friend was getting married. It was a nice ceremony (non-religious, no “till death do we part” morbidity) but I had pretty much forgotten to eat anything after the run, and I was dying to get to the reception and get my hands on some food.

It turned out they also had this stuff called “alcohol” at the reception, which was a real novelty, apparently common in these parts. I had a great time until midnight, hanging out with some folks I hadn’t seen in a loooooooooong time (and many who I haven’t seen since I beat my social anxiety issues, not that long ago) then headed back home to Portland.

Sunday mid-morning I did the kayak lesson. Fun! I capsized twice and the instructor was very enthusiastic about that, saying it meant I was really pushing the edge like I was supposed to. I was just psyched that the Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses I was stupidly wearing didn’t pop off either time. (Oh, and that I didn’t drown, and that I was good at shimmying back into the boat.)

Then I made leeeetle mini-quiches for a potluck (that’s how you can tell I’m gay, for those keeping score). It was nice spending some time really cooking; it’s been a while. They came out good.

Last night (Monday), I joined my usual Monday-night group for a six mile run, pleasant enough.

Catching up

July 19, 2007

Tuesday we were scheduled to run just 20 minutes, and I needed some cash, so I ran to the Fred Meyer and back. Since it was a short run, I picked up the intensity some. I went 2.35 miles in 20:00, with mile splits of 8:25 and 7:46. I could really feel how much faster the cool weather we’ve been having lately let me run. Maybe I still have hope for a sub-4:00:00 marathon in 12 weeks.

I took yesterday and today off from work, since we shipped a dot-one release of the product on Tuesday. Tuesday night I played dominos and did karaoke (“Money for Nothing”, because the night’s theme was “colors”, but I felt limiting it to the visible wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum was discriminatory, and it was the only song I could think of with “microwave” in the lyrics). Wednesday morning I did not one but two coffee-related events. First there was early coffee and bagels, and event hosted by G, that only one other person showed up for. I almost didn’t show myself, having gone to the wrong Noah’s bagels first. After that, a koffeeklatch in Sellwood hosted by E. Those are always fun. Then home to lunch. (Write a diary long enough and I guess you start to sound like Samuel Pepys, yes.)

I was cleaning up some downstairs when I stumbled and broke the fall with my neck. Um, yikes. I was carrying a heavy Rubbermaid-type container of books when I tripped; the box landed on a bed and my throat landed on the lip of the box. It gave me a painful sore throat but didn’t mess up my voice too much, which was good, since I had a date last night. The throat feels quite a bit better this morning, which is very encouraging, since I know these throat things can take a long time to heal sometimes.

So, today I need to run 45 minutes, donate some books, finish up the loads of laundry I’ve started, maybe watch a few more episodes of Arrested Development, and meet another first date tonight. I should probably get started on some of that.

Why I’d Rather Be Running

July 17, 2007

Yesterday was most definitely one of those running-keeps-me-sane days. Just a terrible, terrible day — my poor little SSRI pills must have been exhausted, trying to keep me from despair (what, and you don’t anthropomorphize your medications?) (or inject parentheticals into clauses set off by dashes?) — until 6:15 and the group run at the Beaverton PRC. It didn’t take long for me to notice that, physically, I was feeling great. My legs never got tired, and my lungs held out pretty well too. This with one day’s rest after a 15-miler? Color me happy. Mile splits 9:37, 9:02, 8:28, 8:48, 8:39, and the last .94 miles, before my lungs gave out, were at a for-me-blistering 7:43 pace. I was a little dizzy and could feel my heart pound in my temples and I felt great. All the worry about little small-picture drama fell away, the worry about larger things was put into perspective, and I was able to feel the important things again: I’m alive and living (two different things), doing things I love, and fairly happy with myself. Hooray for endo-pharmacology!

What to do the rest of the day after a fifteen mile run

July 15, 2007
  1. Grab a late breakfast with E. Mmm… coffee. MMMMMMMmmmmm bacon!
  2. Go to the Portland International Beerfest. Drink a good bit of beer. Don’t skip the South African birds’-eye chili mead. You really can taste the chilis. Vaguely recognize one of the beer serving volunteers. “Don’t I know you?…” “Are you in Meetin?” I’ve played dominos a few times with her, that’s right! Make a mental note that this is the first time you’ve run into a MiPLer you know outside of an event. Kind of outside an event, anyway.
  3. Whatever you do, don’t forget to use the following guaranteed successful opening gambit in a conversation with someone attending their first Meetin Portland event, who also happens to be a chiropractor: “So, do you really believe there’s such a thing as a ‘subluxation’?” Bonus points for heroic attempts to salvage the converstion after that.
  4. Wander over to the nearby public bocce courts and play a game of bocce for the first time in your life. Tipsiness might or might not help here.
  5. Go over to Powell’s and start reading a Nick Hornby novel while drinking a mocha. Purchase said novel, based on the hilarity of the first handful of pages.
  6. Take the MAX back over to Lloyd center, where your car is parked. Be one of those annoying idiots talking on your cellphone on the train. Hi, mom!
  7. Between the MAX stop and Lloyd Center, wander past the finish area for the Seattle-to-Portland bike ride. Get held up crossing the street by a small pack of finishers rolling by. Clap loudly, somewhat to the consternation of other pedestrians who just want to cross the damned street. Don’t they realize these people just biked here from Seattle, in one day?
  8. Go home, eat, check your mail and IM to see if your closest friend is still so mad at you that he won’t communicate with you, even though you know he must know you would never do anything to intentionally hurt or embarrass him, and feel awful about it, even if still confused about why it was so hurtful. He seems to be still mad, yes.
  9. Go over to the Marquam Nature Park shelter to lead a 3.4-mile round trip night hike up to Council Crest and back. Be amazed that eight other people actually show up for this. Recognize one of them as someone you sent a message to on, but never got a response from. You didn’t know she was in MiPL. Have the good sense not to say anything about during the hike.
  10. Go to sleep, already!