If I were in fifth grade, I would find both “fartleks” and “Butte to Butte” hilarious

I had to run 40 minutes and make Buffalo wings yesterday, all before 6:30, so I took the afternoon off. I did my running up on Terwilliger, parking near the north end and running to the intersection with Capitol Highway and back. That’s mostly uphill on the way out, and downhill back. The idea wasContinue reading “If I were in fifth grade, I would find both “fartleks” and “Butte to Butte” hilarious”

If you break the chain letter, you will get 17 weeks of bad luck and maybe an ingrown hair too

So Zee has “tagged” me to “complete” a “meme”. This is something the cool blogging kids do, right? — INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so: 1) Classy 2) Meaning of Loaf/Cherry Ride (IContinue reading “If you break the chain letter, you will get 17 weeks of bad luck and maybe an ingrown hair too”

The Western States 100

The Western States Endurance Run starts early this Saturday morning. It finishes one hundred miles later, sometime after sunrise on Sunday for most. Western States is one of the oldest, toughest, and most famous 100-milers in the world. Starting in Squaw Valley, the first four and a half miles consist of a 2,550-foot vertical climbContinue reading “The Western States 100”


So for some reason, the Portland Fit training schedule had us taking yesterday off. Maybe it’s because they are upping the interval times from 30 seconds to a minute today. Oh, well: I ran anyway. Six miles, with the Portland Running Company group. The pace varied from 8:36 to 9:40 or so.


My blog is currently the top Google hit for “Helvetia Half Marathon 2007 Results“. Which in the grand scheme of things isn’t a very common search I’m sure, but compared to the usual traffic this blog gets, it’s quite a spike. Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed the race as much as I did!

Helvetia Half Marathon Official Results

Official results can be looked up here; you can see mine here. Chip time: 1:58:10. (Chip time is the time from the start line to the finish line. It doesn’t include the time you spend getting up to the start line after the race starts. My gun time, which does include that time, was 1:59:14.)Continue reading “Helvetia Half Marathon Official Results”

Race Report: The Helvetia Half Marathon

I had everything all laid out and ready this morning and had gotten to sleep around 10 last night, so getting up early to get out to Hillsboro Stadium well before the 8:00 am start was no big deal. M was running it too, and we were going to carpool from my house if heContinue reading “Race Report: The Helvetia Half Marathon”

Lunchtime jog / two days until the half-marathon

A 30-minute run was scheduled today and I took it easy, perhaps easier than any other run since Portland Fit started up. I didn’t track my speed, but I’d guess 14-minute miles. I just wanted to stretch out my legs and remind my body that I haven’t stopped wanting to move. So where do IContinue reading “Lunchtime jog / two days until the half-marathon”

I am out of clever titles for these training reports

Last night I did a fairly slow (9:45 miles or so) 3.2 mile run with my usual Monday-night running group. Actually, only two of us turned around at the 1.6 mile mark, and the other person who did had run a marathon just two days earlier, so she had a great excuse. I guess “I’mContinue reading “I am out of clever titles for these training reports”

“Ultimate Frisbee” is the worst name for a sport ever

I went to a MiPL Ultimate Frisbee game this evening. It was in the mid to high eighties, and it was humid, whew! This was the first time I’ve played Ultimate since college. I forgot how much running around it involved. Plus, back then, I could probably make it for about three plays before I’dContinue reading ““Ultimate Frisbee” is the worst name for a sport ever”

In which I host my own trail running event

This was a recovery week on the Portland Fit schedule, in preparation for the Helvetia Half Marathon next week. So today’s long run was only eight miles. Ah, I can remember when that was my longest. Time flies. Portland Fit’s usual Saturday meeting was disrupted by Rose Festival preparations taking place in “our” parking lot.Continue reading “In which I host my own trail running event”