Idiotic Obsessive Competitiveness

I have an obsessive personality. I tend to zero in on something and give it all my focus. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m also over-competitive. Meetin Portland caters to both these dark urges. They have a “Junkies” list on the site (visible I think only to registered Meetin users), ranking everybody by the number ofContinue reading “Idiotic Obsessive Competitiveness”

A Black Night with the Dark Cirkus

As they clamped the fetid panda-bear mask over my head, I knew I had made a mistake. A true story, by S. Glazer It all started innocently enough. A nice meet-in event at a small club downtown. The Someday Lounge, they called it. Looked like a stand-up place. Sure, their tiny food menu was all-vegetarian,Continue reading “A Black Night with the Dark Cirkus”

Portland Fit Seven-Miler, with Pictures

Today’s Portland Fit run was a seven-miler, scaling back during this recovery week from last week’s nine. We ran up Leif Erikson drive — that’s the route that’s a gradual uphill for maybe a mile, then a steeper uphill for maybe a mile, then a moderate but relentless uphill for as long as you careContinue reading “Portland Fit Seven-Miler, with Pictures”

You’ve been warned: don’t click the picture

I was trimming my toenails after my run this evening and the one on the right little piggy, blue-black for a long time now, finally came off painlessly. You, my loyal blog readers, can now share in the wonderment and spectacle. Don’t listen to the headline, click here for the picture. I ran 40 minutes,Continue reading “You’ve been warned: don’t click the picture”

More adventures in turning into someone else

After yesterday’s frustrating workout, I felt like having a drink and inflicting pain upon others. A MiPL karaoke event seemed the perfect opportunity for both. (Anybody who has heard me sing can attest to the pain it causes. M can’t believe I’m not faking how badly it comes out.) This was outside my comfort zoneContinue reading “More adventures in turning into someone else”