Portland Fit starts tomorrow

This is my second consecutive rest day, and everything feels pretty good: the ankle feels fine and the right pinkie toenail, while darkened, isn’t hurting. I’ve definitely gotten a new cold though. I’ve been coughing for, what, a month now? But it’s a mild cold and I’ve rested a lot yesterday and today, so itContinue reading “Portland Fit starts tomorrow”

Knocking on wood — not 100% reliable

Recall I lightly twisted my ankle in the middle of yesterday’s run. (‘Twas my right ankle.) After about 30 seconds, it felt fine, so I finished my run. About six hours after that, it started hurting a little. Still a little tender this morning, as well. I wrapped it with an Ace bandage to stabilizeContinue reading “Knocking on wood — not 100% reliable”

Race Report: Bridge to Bridge 10K

It was a drizzly and fairly cold morning. Until a few minutes before the race started, when it became a pouring-down rainy and fairly cold morning. A few minutes after that, though, the rain stopped, and during the actual run there was almost none. In fact the sun made an unexpected appearance shortly after IContinue reading “Race Report: Bridge to Bridge 10K”

Rest Day Babblings

So I’m taking a rest day today, wedged between yesterday’s easy-but-difficult run and tomorrow’s 10K race. I’ve kept busy up until this point in the day, but now I feel a little lost regarding what to do with myself. Between working weekends, running, and going out for this or that, I haven’t had much timeContinue reading “Rest Day Babblings”

Foods the new me loves

This here is going to be one of those posts where some guy who is all into nutrition and health at the moment tries to convince you (and himself?) that there are some wonderful and delicious and amazing healthy foods out there. Other people who are obsessed about nutrition and health at the moment mightContinue reading “Foods the new me loves”

Running in the Rain — what’s the difference?

So yesterday, I was right: I didn’t get out and buy groceries, or do any of the other chores I should have. In fact I fell asleep around five or six, woke briefly at eight, and was back to sleep for good by ten. Sad, no? Yes. That means I really, really need to goContinue reading “Running in the Rain — what’s the difference?”

Cocktail week continues

Monday night I had Margaritas with dinner. (One regular, one blackberry. Yeah. Frou-frou, I know it. And they were blended, worse yet. But the blackberry one was actually pretty good. It spread down our long table like a virus: I saw somebody’s oddly-colored Margarita to my left and asked what it was; after mine came,Continue reading “Cocktail week continues”

Surprise, my legs are still good

Surprisingly enough after this weekend — snowshoeing while sick, then running hard in my first 5K, for those of you who haven’t been keeping up — I have no shin splints, knee pain, or even sore muscles. Feeling great. Two months ago I couldn’t run a mile, unless it was all downhill. The progress makesContinue reading “Surprise, my legs are still good”

Snowshoe Saturday

I’d committed to snowshoeing on Saturday with the usual snowshoe gang, if it wasn’t raining Saturday morning. I was secretly hoping it would rain: still sick, I was worried if I would be able to keep up. And then the Shamrock Run was the next morning. But Saturday morning dawned, warm, cloudy, and rainless. IContinue reading “Snowshoe Saturday”

Tycho Brahe died that way, you know

No, not the Tycho from Penny Arcade. The older Tycho Brahe. The one they once thought died from holding in his pee too long. Gather round and hear my dramatic tale: I was coming home tonight from a MiPL dinner at Ken’s Artisan Pizza. (On the off chance anyone there is reading this, Hi! PleaseContinue reading “Tycho Brahe died that way, you know”

This is the strangest cold, or whatever it is

My throat’s been a little scratchy and I’ve been coughing up a little phlegm in the morning for at least three days now. That’s it. No other symptoms. It’s getting neither better nor worse. It’s a little strange. One almost wants to tell the virii in there to sh** or get off the can, youContinue reading “This is the strangest cold, or whatever it is”

Black viscous sludge in my mouth

I forgot to mention that I tried a Clif Shot energy gel during this morning’s run, the double-shot espresso flavor. Just to experiment with these things. I was expecting something more like Jello, not a thick, viscous, sludge of questionable flavor. It was disgusting. I’m not sure yet if it was addictive-disgusting (like Red Bull,Continue reading “Black viscous sludge in my mouth”