Dog Ownership Quiz

March 31, 2007

You find one of your two dogs lapping at a pile of yellow stomach fluids and partially digested dog food. What do you do?

a. Shoo the dog away, clean up the mess, and offer some replacement food
b. Shoo the dog away, clean up the mess, and make sure the water bowl is full
c. Pretend you don’t notice and let the dog get on with cleaning up the mess, nature’s way

If you answered “c”, I’ll be joining you later in the non-smoking section of hell.


Portland Fit Kickoff

March 31, 2007

I got to the area around 8:10 or so, parked in one of the big lots they were using, and milled around for a while. The “sign-in” for preregistered people consisted of them crossing your name off a list and handing you a “goodie bag”. Mostly pamphlets, a few coupons, and one sports drink powder. But, one of the coupons is for a free Jamba Juice, which will make someone I know very excited.  Interestingly, they didn’t give out any tag or other indicator that you had paid up — really, anybody could have wandered in and participated for free. (Yes, I have a dishonest mind.)

Then there was a little speechifying — mainly from the founder of USA Fit. I’ve heard he gives the same speech every year. Well, it’s a good one; I guess he doesn’t need to change it. Then we hit the roads, most of us being timed to figure out our color group.

I did the “three mile” course in 27:44, which put me in the 9 to 10 minute per mile yellow group, as expected. Although… the Forerunner says we actually ran 3.14 miles, which makes my 27:44 an 8:50 pace. I demand a recount! No, no, I don’t. If you end up becoming faster or slower, they do let you change color groups just for the asking, anyway. The emphasis is very, very much not on speed with Portland Fit. I tried to run sort of fast but easily, and still finished this “5K” a minute faster than I did the Shamrock run earlier this month. That course had hills, and this one didn’t, but still, it’s encouraging to see the improvement.

Then I came home and crawled back into bed.

Portland Fit starts tomorrow

March 30, 2007

This is my second consecutive rest day, and everything feels pretty good: the ankle feels fine and the right pinkie toenail, while darkened, isn’t hurting. I’ve definitely gotten a new cold though. I’ve been coughing for, what, a month now? But it’s a mild cold and I’ve rested a lot yesterday and today, so it isn’t dampening my enthusiasm for starting Portland Fit tomorrow. This isn’t a few people getting together for a run — they expect something like a thousand to fifteen hundred people showing up tomorrow! (Like lemmings running into the sea, you’re thinking…) They were going to be doing it somewhere on the SW waterfront, but they couldn’t organize the parking, so they are back to the location they’ve used for the last few years, in the industrial district out past the Pearl.

Knocking on wood — not 100% reliable

March 29, 2007

Recall I lightly twisted my ankle in the middle of yesterday’s run. (‘Twas my right ankle.) After about 30 seconds, it felt fine, so I finished my run. About six hours after that, it started hurting a little. Still a little tender this morning, as well. I wrapped it with an Ace bandage to stabilize it, and I was already planning on two consecutive rest days to make sure I was in good shape for Saturday’s first Portland Fit meeting, so I’m not too worried… but still.

Five Mile Run

March 28, 2007

I wanted something between taking it easy and challenging myself today, so I decided to do a flat five mile run at 10 minutes/mile. (The Garmin Forerunner is great for this sort of thing — set it to “autolap” at 1 mile and have it show you your “current lap pace”, which tells you how many minutes your current mile will take at your average speed during it so far.) I did an out-and-back along the Springwater-on-the-Willamette path, starting near the Sellwood Bridge. Four of the five miles were a little under 10 minutes, as planned; the third mile was a bit over, because I went “offroad” as it were, onto a little muddy track winding through the woods closer to the river, which involved jumping over a lot of logs and, at one point, lightly twisting my ankle. (No lasting effects, knock on wood). I feel like I might be plateauing… this five-miler didn’t seem much easier than previous runs at similar pace and distance. I might be overtraining a little and generally drained, though.

Things to eat and drink

March 28, 2007

A few days ago I mentioned I liked raw broccoli. I thought I might be the only one. Not So, I’m in good company! (Be sure to watch at least until the first of the two “feet” things.)

Yesterday I tried out Java Mama coffee, in south Beaverton at Scholls Ferry and Nimbus. It’s a little strip-mall storefront but still manages to be a little hip, if not cozy, inside. Everybody in there seemed to know each other, which is a good thing. They roast their own beans in the store constantly, which is a very good thing: their coffee was excellent. Free WiFi access too. Everybody working there was scruffy- or strange-looking (do I need to see a waxed handlebar mustache?) , which is a bad thing.

30,000 mile checkup

March 27, 2007

(Just kidding; it’s more like 100.)

Even after my nap yesterday, I still went to sleep early (around nine) and slept in (to 8:30). I’m not really surprised — that was a lot of running in the last couple days. Aside from sleepiness, how’s my body holding up?

  • Feet: Good. I’ve been duct-taping the balls of my feet just in case, since that’s where I’ve had blister problems before. My right pinkie nail might be a little ingrown or something.
  • Knees: Great. No issues.
  • Shins: Good. Just a tiny bit of shin pain during the run.
  • Calves: Sore, sore, sore. At least this morning I can get up and down the stairs without looking like a cripple. It’s just regular old muscle pain, though.
  • Rest of body: Hips, Abs, and Back all feel normal. I’ve got some soreness in my right arm, almost certainly from carrying the water bottle yesterday.