Love in the Time of Cholesterol

Two months ago, I went to my doctor with kidney stones and left with some painkillers and the news that my cholesterol was high. I talked to the nutritionist she wanted me to see, and actually made some pretty sweeping dietary changes. With that, plus the exercise, I was optimistic that my cholesterol levels would be improving, and they have! My LDL (the bad cholesterol marker) was down from 139 to 132 (anything over 130 is still considered a bit too high though) and my HDL (the good cholesterol) was up from 68 to 76. Apparently there’s no upper limit on how much good cholesterol you want. Over 60 is considered optimal, but the more the merrier. My weight has also been — I think — trending down, maybe a half a pound a week. I’m curious to see how long I keep this fitness and nutrition stuff up.


2 Responses to Love in the Time of Cholesterol

  1. Scott says:

    Followup: In January 2008, my LDL was 124 and my HDL 74. :-)

  2. Scott says:

    Another followup: in Oct 2013, my LDL was 148 and my HDL 77. Surprisingly, my doctor didn’t recommend any cholesterol-reducing medications at this point, but clearly I’ve got some room for improvement.

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